During this difficult period, we can offer live streaming for your event. You may have an audience of one or thousand, live streaming can take your event from your venue to the entire world. 

We have been offering live streaming for past 3 years in and around London for events and weddings. We have over 10 years of experience in video production

Which platforms?

We can offer live streaming to any platform of your choice including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or YouTube.  The live stream can be on any public platform or can be password protected stream where client can decide who is going to watch the stream. 

What special can we offer? 

In the world of technology, when most people are capable of doing live streaming on Facebook or YouTube what is it that we can do special?  We can offer multi-camera full HD streaming which makes the event look like a live TV show.  We use top end video cameras capturing your event which are connected to a multi-cam switcher which controls which view is going to be live at one given time thus making the show look like a live TV show. 

What event types we do live streaming for: 

·       Weddings 

·       Conferences 

·       Seminars

·       Award functions 

·       Corporate announcements 

·       Interviews 

·       Panel discussions 

·       Live demonstrations


Live Streaming is Stress FREE 

We aim to provide a stress free live streaming for all our clients. Our team has all the experience to put yourself on full comfort and give you a stress free experience during the live streaming.  

What we require from you?

We need the venue details as soon as possible so that we can check the availability of fast speed ‘wired’ internet options at the venue.  The quality of the live stream is based on the speed of the internet available at the venue.  Please note that it is not recommended to live stream relying on a wifi.  The venue must be willing to cooperate with us while we lay our cables as all the cameras are going to be connected to the main switchboard via cables.  We also need to know your exact requirements in terms of number of cameras to be used during live stream. We recommend at least 3-4 cameras but we can use up to 16 cameras based on the size and scale of the event. 

Bonus, once the event has finished

Once the event is ended, we are able to deliver rough edited video straight after the event and polished edited video within a week.  The quality of video can be up to 4k. 

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